Elegance in a Wardrobe

Living in a ski town, I feel really fortunate to have clients that really celebrate our mountain culture. They love coming here as their second home, they love playing in the mountains, and they have made memories here. 

"How can we get a functional wardrobe for our ski condo, that looks amazing and has lots and lots of drawers?" 

We started with a design concept of incorporating a mountain scene on the wardrobe drawers. In Fernie one of our most celebrated mountains is the Three Sisters, and it happens to be the view off my front deck. 

I used to sketch when I was younger, and to have an opportunity to bring art into my woodwork has been a fun puzzle, especially with the number of the wardrobe drawers. 

The marquetry doors are crafted shop sawn 1/16" veneers out of quarter sawn Douglas Fir, Sapele and Quilted Maple. The door handles were carved out of Sapele. Each door is 4.5' x 8'.

When you are building essentially, lots of boxes, it is really important to bring as much design as possible to the piece. I hand carved the drawer pulls out of Sapele, and created a 16' radius for the bow front of the low dresser.

The low dresser, that centres the piece is a bow front to add visual interest. 


Of course, we all live busy lives, so including a drawer with charging spaces will keep the clutter tucked away. 

We included a jewelry drawer so that the top of the wardrobe didn't attract stuff. 

This piece will be multi generational for this family, a real celebration of the life they have created here in Fernie and their love of the mountains. 

It was a real pleasure working on this project for this family, I hope they smile every time they see the mountains.